iTStudy WAMDIA Multiplier Event

A WAMDIA multiplier event was organized on 26-August-2019 by iTStudy Hungary Ltd. in Gödöllő, Hungary.

The participants – VET teachers, SME employees, representatives of public institutions – were informed about the results of the WAMDIA project, including experiences of the pilot course.

Guest presenters, Károly Szántai and Zsolt Edelényi (both web accessibility experts, Zsolt having a person with sight impairment in his family) delivered very informative and motivating presentations, full of real-life examples related to digital accessibility – typical mistakes, and their immediate effect on people with disabilities. They highlighted some important rules that general ICT users can easily start to apply.

The NVDA screen reader was presented in use by a blind web developer who is involved in the Hungarian localization of the software. Participants undoubtedly realized why all of us are responsible for the creation of accessible files.

The event was very successful, contributed to raising the awareness about digital accessibility.

iTStudy Multiplier Event photo

Agenda: WAMDIA_ME_agenda_iTStudy_26_aug_2019


  • WAMDIA project iTStudy: coming soon.
  • Link to the presentation of Zsolt Edelényi: PREZI presentation
  • Presentation of guest speaker Karoly Szantai: OneDrive link