SMEBOX WAMDIA Multiplier Event

In Sweden WAMDIA Pilot course was launched 5th of June 2019 and officially ended in 31st of August 2019. With 55 individuals signed up for the pilot training  and 34 managing to get the diplomas we are very happy for the result achieved and also for the feedback given by learners.

The Multiplier Event took place in Gävle, Sweden, on the 23d of August 2019 and gathered 30 participants to a seminar and discussion with focus on Accessibility to Digital Information. Among speakers we could listen to and discuss with Per Rosqvist and Christina ¨Kina¨ Edin.
Per, blind from birth, experienced in testing websites and social media posts gave some very useful tips on how to plan and maintain digital information in order to make it more accessible.
Kina, specialized in Universal Design, gave all participants some aha-moments in the change of mindset to always think in terms of accessibility for all either in the digital world or the real world.

SMEBOX Multiplier Event photo

Agenda: Program_MUltiplier_Event_23_uagusti_WAMDIA

Presentation: OneDrive link