PRISM WAMDIA Multiplier Event

The WAMDIA Multiplier Event in Italy, has been held the 02/09/2019 in the PRISM office in Palermo (co-working IV Tempo). 25 people attended coming from the following target group:

  • VET and Teacher in higher education
  • Students from Palermo University
  • SME employees and managers
  • NGOs represenentatives
  • Local non-profit association working with people with disabilities

During the presentation, the results of the project has been disclosed using the website of the project as a main part of the presentation. In order to facilitate the audiences comprehension, two other PPT presentations has been shown to see what is accessible and what is not.

The event has been promoted using the PRISM channels (PRISM website, facebook). The main objective achieved through the ME are:

  • Awareness on digital accessibility and impact of the EU directive
  • Disseminate outcomes and promote application in VET environments in wide sense
  • Sharing lessons learnt and reflections of stakeholders, team members and experts
  • Get feedback for the quality evaluation and improvement as well as suggestions for sustainability

Photo, signature sheets and evaluation form has been gathered as evidence of the meeting. At the end of the event an aperitivo has been offered to participants.


Agenda: PRISM Agenda

Presentation: PRISM ME Presentation